1. 5 Brands That Rock at Pinterest

    5 Brands That Rock at Pinterest

    PinterestPinterest was launched in 2010, and as of July 2013 it has over 70 million users. Every day, users create about 5 million new pins, and Pinterest’s growth in web traffic referrals is growing every month. Brands that rock at Pinterest don’t justpost their products; they also post pictures and articles their customers will enjoy. If you followed a brand that only pinned its own products, wouldn’t…

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  2. How to Deal with Anonymous Comments and Reviews

    How to Deal with #Anonymous Comments and Reviews

    Anonymous Computer User As your company and website get more popular, the more comments and engagement you are likely receive on articles and pages you post. This can be a doubled edged sword, as more interaction creates more page views and brand establishment. However, it can also lead to attention from those who want to “troll” a popular site or business and leave comments or reviews anonymously.

    Every company wants…

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  3. Pro Tip: Be Careful of Scam Phone Calls

    Pro Tip: Be Careful of Scam Phone Calls

    Scam phone alert

    If only it was this easy.
    Copyright: Shutterstock Paul Michael Hughes

    I wrote last week about how to report scam emailsto the proper authorities, but while scammers are clearly branching out into the digital realm this doesn’t mean that email is their only tool.  In fact, within the last month there has been an increase in scam phone calls that purport to be from Microsoft or the more generic…

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  4. How to Begin Developing Your Online Marketing Strategy

    How to Begin Developing Your Online #Marketing Strategy

    writing content ideas

    To stay competitive, you must develop a strong online marketing strategy.
    Image: Shutterstock

    The way that brands communicate and present themselves – through social media, blog and website content – continues to change, and with evolving digital-age trends showing no sign of slowing, it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve so that your business stands out among the rest. How can you present your…

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  5. Finding Relevant Topic Ideas For Your Audience

    Finding Relevant Topic Ideas For Your Audience

    Target Audience Topic Ideas

    Copyright: iQoncept, Shutterstock

    Blogs have become the easiest way for people on the Internet to discuss interesting and relevant topics in depth. We’ve already discussed why and how to create quality content, but where do we find great topic ideas? No blogger wants to writes posts that their target audience won’t find interesting. Think of hosting a blog as a stage; it’s all about filling in…

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  6. Growing Your Facebook Following With Facebook Ads

    Growing Your Facebook Following With Facebook Ads

    Closeup photo of a blue "Like" button on a computer keyboard.

    Image via Shutterstock.

    Though there are many ways to connect with your audience online, developing one where your brand becomes a part of their daily routine is by far one of the most effective. In today’s article, Rudolf discusses how to grow a Facebook following using advertisements.

    Facebook ads are incredibly easy to create and use. As Facebook continues to grow and develops new algorithms…

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  7. How Too Many Hashtags Can Hurt Your Brand

    How Too Many Hashtags Can Hurt Your Brand

    Hashtags can be a great tool for brands if they are used correctly. Hashtags are generally used to categorize posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – but are sometimes used on other social networks as well. If you’re looking to see what others thought about the How I Met Your Motherfinale or the recent Seattle Sounders game, you could search for #HIMYMFinale or #Sounders – the social site…

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  8. How to Report Scam Emails, Step-By-Step

    How to Report Scam Emails, Step-By-Step

    How to report phishing emails

    Don’t let the scammers win.
    Copyright: Tom Wang, Shutterstock

    All of us get emails that are obviously scams or phishing schemes from time to time, although some of us more than others.  For most of us, realizing that we’ve received a scam email simply means that said email is going to end up in the trash.

    However, it doesn’t have to end there.  It is possible to make the world, or at least the…

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  9. 5 Tips for Effectively Managing Remote Workers

    5 Tips for Effectively Managing Remote Workers

    Working remotely is becoming more popular with each passing year. Long-distance communications are more effective than ever before, making it easy for many to stay home and work at the same time. The Internet, email, video and voice conferencing, and more allow us to stay plugged into work no matter where we are. And according to the Wall Street Journal, it’s a perk many Americans are taking…

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  10. 10 Places to Look for Fresh Content Ideas

    10 Places to Look for Fresh Content Ideas

    Thinking girl content ideas

    There are lots of places to look for great content ideas.
    Image: Shutterstock

    How do you consistently come up with engaging ideas for a blog? Churning out topic ideas might be easy enough for the first few months, but after that, it can be difficult to keep the creative juices flowing. Agile Impact posts to its blog five days per week, and part of my job is to ensure that the ideas keep coming.


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