1. Twitter Finally Joined the GIF Party

    Twitter Finally Joined the GIF Party


    GIfs on Twitter? Yay!

    Whether pronounce “GIF” with a hard /g/ sound or a soft /dʒ/ sound, Twitter still has something nice in store for you: just a few weeks ago, the social media company announced that GIFs are finally supported on the Twitter feeds for users. GIFs are animated images that loop continuously, allowing users to express reactions, showcase a video clip, or even tweet out favorite…

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  2. Of Those Polled, 90% Won’t Pay for Online News

    Of Those Polled, 90% Won’t Pay for Online News

    The biggest draw of the digital age is the concept of free information. News entertainment and music and more are increasingly available online, and more importantly, available for free access. People have become used to the idea of these mediums being free on the Internet, and people’s presence has increased dramaticallyover just the last few years. So how is it that some news sites require a…

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  3. Tutorial: Tailoring Channel Art for YouTube

    Tutorial: Tailoring Channel Art for YouTube

    Tutorial: Tailoring Channel Art for YouTubeWhen developing your brand on YouTube, anything is better than the default banner that Google provides. In today’s article, Rudolf tackles some of the challenges in selecting an appropriate image that can work across a variety of devices.

    Tailoring your channel art on YouTube to reflect your brand is essential if you wish to optimize the power of the video-sharing platform. When selecting…

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  4. Brands that Rock at Instagram

    Brands that Rock at Instagram


    Bloom Design / Shutterstock.com

    Instagram is a relatively new platform for brands to be on – it started out just as a way for people to share their life in photos with friends and followers, but it has grown to be much more. Currently, more than 20 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, with 200 million monthly active users. Those numbers alone show what a valuable asset Instagram can be…

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  5. LinkedIn: Why It’s Important to Establish a Profile Even if You Don’t Use It

    LinkedIn: Why It’s Important to Establish a Profile Even if You Don’t Use It

    linkedin profile on phone

    Creating a LinkedIn profile is crucial for establishing namespace ownership.
    Image: Twin Design / Shutterstock.com

    While social media may rule in many lands, there are certainly still industries that have not yet been conquered. Executives—especially in information sensitive industries like finance, banking, private equity, and government—are often not keen on joining the social media scene…

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  6. Creating A Personal and Localized Brand Presence

    Creating A Personal and Localized Brand Presence

    social media marketing strategy cartoon

    Branded social media is more than just a status update here and there–or at least it should be.
    Image: Shutterstock

    It’s no secret that brands today are running out of reasons to nothave a presence on social media. In fact, failure to establish profiles on social media and execute digital campaigns can actually hurt brands. But social isn’t as simple as just posting a random status update every…

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  7. #FF: Pete Cashmore, Founder of Mashable

    #FF: Pete Cashmore, Founder of Mashable

    Pete Cashmore

    Pete Cashmore IMG: via Facebook.

    Mashable is a British-American news, technology, social media and marketing blog founded by Pete Cashmore. With 14 million social followers and 34 million monthly unique visitors, Mashable is a successful news site that “reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.”

    Cashmore founded Mashable in 2005 at…

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  8. Pinterest: Three Unlikely Popular Industries

    Pinterest’s Three Unlikely Popular Industries

    Pinterest is the third most popular social network, with over 70 million users. While its top user interests are crafts, interior design and fashion, it might surprise you to learn that some of the most popular brand users are those not in your typical “creative” industries.

    Some companies might deem themselves too ‘boring’ to be on Pinterest. However, the key to incorporating Pinterest into your…

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  9. Free & Cheap Tools For Email Marketing Campaigns

    Free & Cheap Tools For Email Marketing Campaigns

    Free & Cheap Tools For Email Marketing CampaignsWhen engaging with your email subscribers it is important to utilize every tool you have at your disposal that inspires them to act. In today’s article, Rudolf discusses workflow efficiency, copy guidelines, and technical advice to enhance your email communications with your audience.

    Designing a successful email marketing campaign is a key way to improve upon the delivery and overall performance…

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  10. 4 Inspiring Tech Entrepreneurs

    4 Inspiring Tech #Entrepreneurs

    Ishita Gupta tech entrepreneurs

    Ishita Gupta, founder of Fear.less Magazine, is one of the most inspiring tech entrepreneurs. / Image: via ishitagupta.com

    It takes a special kind of person to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are visionary and business-savvy; they are tenacious and unwavering in their pursuit of creating something remarkable. We applaud various entrepreneurs for the lessons they teach us regularly right…

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