1. My Website Isn’t Working! Here’s How to Fix It

    My Website Isn’t Working! Here’s How to Fix It

    My website isn’t working!

    It’s a common enough complaint; however, despite how clear the issue may seem to be to you, that phrase isn’t enough to tell your tech support what needs to be fixed. And if you aren’t lucky enough to have someone to call for tech support, that phrase isn’t enough to even tell you who you should call. Try narrow down your problems with these troubleshooting tips.


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  2. Combining Content Marketing and SEO for Your Business

    Content marketing and SEO are the building blocks of a dedicated audience

    Content marketing + SEO = a great audience for your business!
    Image: Shutterstock

    In the realm of hot buzzwords on the web, the term “content marketing” is key for businesses both big and small. The idea—creating meaningful, digestible content aimed at building an audience versus simply hard selling a product or service—makes sense: It’s important to create a trusting, positive relationship with…

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  3. Hi, I’m Joe!

    Hi! I’m Joe Gillard. A curious person by nature, I take great interest in the world we live in.


  4. 3 Simple Ways to Use Visual Content for Social Media

    3 Simple Ways to Use Visual Content for Social Media

    Words are a wonderful thing, but they can’t always tell the whole story. As humans, we are instinctually drawn to what is visually appealing, and for a century, advertisers have used visual content to sell, promote, or tell a story about their brand or cause. These days, a visual aspect in your campaign is perhaps even more important than ever.

    Social media has opened up a world of visual content…

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  5. Meet Katy!

    illustration of a typewriter

    Katy is not actually a typewriter. But she does think typewriters are pretty nifty.

    My name is Katy, and I have a Writing Problem.

    I always knew I wanted to “be a writer,” but I wasn’t really clear on what that meant.  So I’ve spent most of my life making websites and writing book reviews, novels, short stories, website copy, blogs, newsletters for nonprofits, and fanfiction.  I assumed I’d…

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  6. Top 10 PR Tactics of Successful Content and Link Building – Mozcon Recap

    Top 10 PR Tactics of Successful Content and Link Building – Mozcon Recap

    Agile-Impact-PR-Tactics-MozConMozCon is all done for the year here in Seattle, WA, and Agile Impact has put together a few recaps of our experience at the conference. In today’s article, E.J. discusses some of the lessons learned at Lexi Mills’s (Dynamo) featured presentation.

    At MozCon 2014, Lexi Mills gave a presentation on PR tactics and strategies for stronger link building and press coverage to aid in SEO. The…

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  7. Cyber Security: What Counts as a Cyber Crime?

    Cyber Security: What Counts as a Cyber Crime?

    Cyber security is one of those big scary words that gets thrown around a lot in the news. While most of the world seems to content to have moved away from the science fiction lexicon of the 80’s (we visit internet café’s, not cyber café’s, and we certainly don’t talk about cyberspace anymore), when it comes to the idea of being attacked online the label has stuck. Perhaps because the idea of…

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  8. Google Wants You to Be Safer on the Web

    Google Wants You to Be Safer on the Web

    Google announced this week that it will be giving more weight to websites with enhanced security and encryption in search results. But what does this mean for you and your business?

    In a world where Russian hackers can compromise 1.2 billion username and password combinations, affecting 420,000 websites, online security is obviously more important than ever. Businesses with websites that require…

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  9. Should You Have a Company Blog?

    Should You Have a Company Blog?

    Business blogs are certainly a trend that has exploded over the past few years, and now it’s almost surprising to visit a company website and not see a blog section. Should you have a company blog? Before I answer that question, I’d like to first talk about why blogs have grown in popularity in the first place.

    Typewriter keys with the word blog on them

    Blogs can be fantastic assets for companies–but they must be done well.

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  10. How to Use Twitter Trends to Increase Engagement

    How to Use Twitter Trends to Increase Engagement


    IMG: via Shutterstock.

    Twitter trends are always changing. A trend on Twitter refers to a keyword or hashtag-driven topic that is popular at that given time. When logged on to Twitter, users can see the ten most popular trends on the left.

    Twitter Trends

    Twitter has this to say about trends: they are determined, “by an algorithm and, by default, are tailored for you based on who you follow and your location.…

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