1. Social Media Analytics: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

    Social Media Analytics: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

    social media analytics

    Many businesses are missing out on social media opportunities.
    Image: Shutterstock

    A lot of businesses are using social media today—about 94%, in fact. But are they using it well? And are they using it in the way that will benefit their company the most? Companies establish a profile on social media, and sometimes they even post regularly. But do they get any engagement? And if they do, what does…

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  2. Marketing Is Going Mobile!

    Marketing Is Going Mobile!

    The United States is predicted to have half of its populace own a smartphone before the end of 2014. With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that more and more content is mobile driven, with vital aspects of a brand’s promotional efforts being redirected to making a service, product or promotion go viral. With 25% of all e-commerce coming from mobile users, as well as over 64% of smartphone…

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  3. How To Run A Successful Contest on Facebook

    How To Run A Successful Contest on Facebook

    How To Run A Successful Contest on Facebook

    Markus Spiske / http://www.temporausch.com

    Utilizing Facebook to engage with your followers is an effective way to build brand awareness. In today’s article, Rudolf covers the logistics of how to promote your business with contests while following Facebook’s guidelines governing competitions and promotions.

    Facebook is continually updating its promotion guidelines, so it is important to begin any…

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  4. How to Boost Your Message with Google+ Communities

    How to Boost Your Message with Google+ Communities

    Man yells through a megaphone

    Photo copyright Shutterstock Stokkette

    Google+ is one of the most interesting things happening in the social media world right now. The more people you talk to, the more opinions you will hear on this burgeoning social network created by Google. No matter where your opinion falls on the spectrum, one thing is certainly clear: Google+ has some incredibly useful features. One of those is Google+…

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  5. Negative SEO: Can it Happen to You?

    Negative SEO: Can it Happen to You?

    Man in black suit wearing black ski mask, carrying briefcase, and performing shushing action

    Negative SEO can harm your website, but there are ways to prevent or clean it up.
    Image: Shutterstock

    Before Google’s Penguin algorithm update in 2012, a potential hazard stalked those who would optimize their websites for search: the dreaded negative SEO.  And if you think Penguin solved all the problems, think again—new websites in particular can still suffer from negative SEO practices.


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  6. 3 Amazing Twitter Tools

    3 Amazing Twitter Tools



    3 Amazing Twitter Tools

    With Twitter’s nearly unlimited potential for reaching an audience, it’s no surprise that there has been a stream of new tools popping up all over the web to research and analyze the Twitterverse. While there are many tools out there, here are three of them that should be considered essential to your Twitter strategy.

    1. Twitonomy

    Twitonomy.com is a…

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  7. 3 Reasons Why Internal Links Matter

    3 Reasons Why Internal Links Matter

    Arrows representing internal links

    Internal links can do your website a world of good.
    Image: Shutterstock

    If you’ve made a website, chances are you’d like people to visit it.  But how do you pull in visitors?  For starters, it helps to do a content audit to make sure your content does what you intend it to do.  Beyond that, there’s a handy little habit to get into that will help increase traffic:  internal links.

    An internal link…

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  8. What is Brand Storytelling?

    What is Brand Storytelling?


    Over 40 million photos are uploaded to Instagram daily.
    IMG: via Shutterstock

    One of the most prominent buzzwords in the marketing industry in recent years is the idea of “brand storytelling”. Certainly anyone in advertising or marketing who has been to an industry conference recently, or even read an article online, has likely heard of “brand storytelling” and how important it is these days.


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  9. Constructing A Successful Link Building Campaign

    Constructing A Successful Link Building Campaign

    Markus Spiske / www.temporausch.com

    Markus Spiske / http://www.temporausch.com

    In the world of SEO, building and maintaining high-quality links has never been more important. In today’s article, Rudolf outlines how to increase links to your website to achieve your company’s business objectives.

    Step 1: Set Campaign Goals

    Determining the goals of your link building campaign is essential. It’s helpful to use your company’s larger…

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  10. My Website Isn’t Working! Here’s How to Fix It

    My Website Isn’t Working! Here’s How to Fix It

    My website isn’t working!

    It’s a common enough complaint; however, despite how clear the issue may seem to be to you, that phrase isn’t enough to tell your tech support what needs to be fixed. And if you aren’t lucky enough to have someone to call for tech support, that phrase isn’t enough to even tell you who you should call. Try narrow down your problems with these troubleshooting tips.


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